The Other Side of Forgiveness

Forgiveness is good for the soul, but what if you are the one needing forgiveness?  It is also good to realize when you are the one who needs forgiveness. An apology can be a beautiful thing.

Belinda's Dream

When we examine our actions and realize that we stand in need of forgiveness, we could take a page from the book of a second grader.  He had been mean to a little girl on the bus.  This was not his normal way of acting, but he had gotten drawn into action by the people he was with.  With the help of a good mother, he wrote a note and brought flowers to the girl the next day, apologizing for his behavior.

What a lovely thing to do.  What a great mother to teach that although our actions have hurt, we can try to repair the damage.  Just like practicing forgiveness, we can also practice apology – sincere and sometimes beautiful apology.

Where are you this Lent?

As you examine yourself and your need for forgiveness, is there an apology in order?  Imagine a society where those who realized they had hurt another, apologized sincerely and beautifully, and the recipient was able to accept and forgive.  We are sometimes on one side or the other of this forgiveness issue.  And, at times we are in the place of the guide, helping another learn the value of apology or forgiveness.

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About Sonja Roberts Dalglish

I love people, math, physics, and theology. I love mysteries which may explain the list above. Presently, I am living and serving the people of the Coastal Bend of Texas.
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