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Does My Life Reflect that God is Real?

I have been thinking about the Christian Atheist book and just what it means to act as though God is real. How do I act when I believe that God is real?  I hold this knowledge of God’s presence in … Continue reading

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Christian Atheist?

There is a new term I have learn in the past few weeks, ‘Christian Atheist.’  It has been coined by an author in a book by the same name: the Christian Atheist by Craig Groeschel You might wonder as I … Continue reading

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Gratitude for life

I realize that the title of my post on giving up perfection for Lent was unintentionally ambiguous.  It implied that I was perfect and yet, out of some desire to claim my humanity, that I was giving up the perfection … Continue reading

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Thinking About Sitting Silently

Silence can be a Lenten discipline, a way to calm our troubled minds.  Just as the body can be trained, so can the mind. Contemplative Prayer is sitting with God in silence.  There is no need for words.  We can … Continue reading

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Giving Up Perfection for Lent

Have you ever been worried about not being good enough, not being perfect?  It may be a universal concern. When I was in seminary, I took a course called Entry into Ministry.  In that course, our instructor, Michael Jinkins (now … Continue reading

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Prayers for Nuclear Power Workers

I am reminded of the incredible courage and love that people can exhibit when considering the actions of the workers at the nuclear power plant in Japan.  What nation knows more readily the damage that radiation can wreak after they … Continue reading

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Pruning, Anyone?

We did a little pruning this weekend.  It’s getting a bit late for it, but hopefully we were in the nick of time.  A good friend who can see better how to prune things was very helpful.  We put her … Continue reading

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