About the Author

I am a PCUSA pastor married to an ordained PCUSA Teaching Elder who is now the head of a Presbyterian mission school in South Texas. We live on the grounds of the school.

I am a lover of God and mysteries.  Although I am saddened by many things in the world, I am amazed by many more.  God continues to work through people bringing peace and hope and wholeness to this world.

Listening to Mary Oliver, I am trying to pay attention: to the world, my life, others, and what God is doing in this world, then be amazed and tell about it.



1 Response to About the Author

  1. nanbush says:

    Lovely post at “The Gate.” I’m at dancingpastthedark on WP.com, my first venture on going really public about distressing near-death experiences after 30 years spent researching them. Have an MA in Pastoral Ministry, about to do hospice volunteer training, Three grown kids. Lifetime UCC but none in my new town, so now Episcopalian (culture shock!) Now you’ve given me courage. I’ve subscribed here, looking forward to more.

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