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Prayers of Hope for William and Kate

Prince William married Catherine Middleton today.  I was struck not only by the beauty and joy of the couple, but with the beautiful and wise words from the Rt Rev. Richard Chartre, Bishop of London.  It was a joyful day, … Continue reading

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Prayers for Peace

“O God, it is your will to hold both heaven and earth in a single peace.  Let the design of your great love shine on the waste of our wraths and sorrows and give peace to your Church, peace among … Continue reading

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Holy Saturday – God Experiences Death

Last evening, we celebrated the death of Jesus on the cross with a Tennebrae Service.  Tennebrae is Latin for shadows.  We had a Christ candle and eight small candles on the communion table that was draped in black.  We read … Continue reading

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Gulf Oil Spill Anniversary

Today is the one year anniversary of the Oil Spill in the Gulf. MSNBC has images on their photo blog of Louisiana Island as the spill was coming in and again this month after the spill had turned the landscape … Continue reading

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Palm Sunday

Days begin with empty streets that gradually are filled as people pour into the avenues greeting friends and strangers.  So many people were in Jerusalem that day, the day of the palms.  Many had traveled far to visit family and … Continue reading

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Are We the Best Ap?

Many of us these days have very smart phones that can not only call, but have ability to get and send email, stay in touch via Facebook, and send out profound 140 character tweets.  They can have many aps (applications) … Continue reading

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The Gate

As we journey through Lent and think of our mortality in light of the death and resurrection of Jesus Christ, I found myself drawn to a photograph of a gate that I had taken several years ago.  It tickled a … Continue reading

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Serenity Prayer

I long for serenity that does not leave me, even when things get hectic.  I find the Serenity prayer helpful in giving me the perspective that not all things need changing, not all things can be changed, but always God … Continue reading

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Community Building & Japan

Today, I was reminded of the Ezekiel reading when I read a first hand assessment of what is being done in Japan and what needs to be done.  It took dedicated people, encouraged by God, to rebuild Israel after the … Continue reading

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Valley of Dry Bones

Ezekiel records a vision that I remember as the Valley of Dry Bones.  The Israelites have been scattered.  The community has been dismantled.  The elite, or the educated, the top tier of their society has been taken captive and removed … Continue reading

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